Our Books

Crown Hunt

by R.M. Morgan

In the Korean War, S. Korean soldiers unearth the ancient Silla treasure containing billions of dollars worth of precious stones, gold and a crown worth millions. Some of the soldiers under strict secrecy, smuggle the treasure to the U.S. Fifty years later the secret is out. People begin to die giving up information on where the treasure is kept. The S. Korean government wants the treasure back. Psychopathic killers appear and steal the treasure. The Harriet Roth Investigative Agency is hired to seek out the culprits and recover the treasure for the Korean group of soldiers who smuggled the treasure. All very hush hush. R.M. Morgan is a modern-day Mickey Spillane as he carefully and skillfully makes the treasure hunt a fantastic journey for the reader. An ending you won’t see coming.

Have You Seen a Dark-Haired Man with Burning Eyes?: An Odyssey of Faith and Love

by Henya Shanun-Klein

You are about to experience the heart-warming and gut-wrenching, true story of Adel and Itchale. A story of love and loss of newlyweds who fled Poland after the Nazi invasion. This rigorously documented story is about a young woman’s search that initially seems hopeless and impossible, yet soon turns into a journey of adventure and survival against all odds. Adel’s journey not only spans two continents, from Europe to Asia, but also gives the reader a first-hand look at some of the history of World War II as she searches for her missing husband.

Dr. Shanun-Klein writes the incredible story in sharp observant simplicity, and with sensitive, poetic precision. She bases the book not only on her memories of stories she was told, but on extensive research she conducted to verify those memories as she traveled through the exact same landscapes, villages, towns and cities of Poland, Russia and Mongolia on her own journey.

Betwixt: Book 2 of Wayne’s Angel Trilogy

by Ron Mumford

Betwixt, the second book of the Wayne’s Angel trilogy, can best be described as Wayne’s Angel on Steroids! More supernatural, greater battles and the introduction of Dr. Helle Guyion, the most evil woman in the entire world. Her powers are beyond this earth as she begins to shape, manipulate and deceive our characters.
There is an modern day introduction of Pandora’s Box that defies the intellect of the world’s greatest scientists. It contains visions of the future displaying unknown formulas and a “dooms-day” bomb with a missing ingredient, causing nations to scurry for world dominance.
There are more unexplainable phenomena that leave Wayne Tyler, wife Abby, Daddy Hank, Robbie and Bella Cantrell in complete awe. As usual, Mr. Elroy, A.K.A. Gordon, Wayne’s angel , is present to calm their fears. And who is this new lady, Liz, that makes Daddy Hank’s world stand still?

Love Trauma: Separation to Post Divorce (Volume 1)

by Dr. Paul A. Wagner

Dr. Wagner’s Love Trauma compassionately explores the mighty divide that opens up when divorce or separation happens. His thorough and patient dissection of that divide allows divorcees to recognize the demons that keep us from getting beyond the divorce, the pitfalls of various post-divorce behaviors, and the procedures we can take to move past the pain. His examination of the divorcee’s viewpoint works like magic to make us feel we are not alone and indeed, that many people suffer the same kinds of indignities after divorce. But the examples of those who have got beyond it lift our spirits and make us believe surviving Love Trauma is possible.

Chapters include:

  • The Fight—Who is the enemy? Putting on the gloves, The Need to Fight, Fighting the Right Fight.
  • The Furies—dealing with hate, anger, guilt, jealousy, and fear
  • The Victory—knowing you’ve beat your true enemies
  • From Loneliness to Aloneness—the essential move
  • Wonderment—an ingredient of happiness
  • Finding a Home—dealing with substance and alcohol abuse, workaholism, reclusiveness, and promiscuity

Beyond Love Trauma

by Dr. Paul Wagner

Discover the Three Intimacies and How They Work Together

So you’re truly over your divorce? You’ve fought the furies, you’ve escaped that feeling of being kept in limbo, you’ve learned to live alone, you have been through what we call Love Trauma. Now you’re ready for Beyond Love Trauma.

In this new second book of Wagner’s Love Trauma series, he insists on the maxim “Know Thyself.” If you’re ready to move into a new relationship, this is your mantra. You can’t become the ultimate “catch” if you don’t know yourself.

Perhaps the most useful part of Beyond Love Trauma is Wagner’s description of the three intimacies:

  • sexual
  • intellectual
  • emotional.

As Wagner argues, all three are necessary for a romance to achieve, finally, what he describes as the ultimate relationship, one of “erotic love.”


To be afraid to be alone is not a good reason to marry. And marriage—or any romantic relationship—is not a place to think “What’s in it for me?” A committed marriage requires an attitude of “How can we pursue a long-term goal?” what Wagner calls a “life commitment.”

He urges divorcees to take their time moving forward, establish trust and respect, before leaping into marriage or another relationship. Beyond Love Trauma is a book which will set you free to negotiate the effects of Love Trauma.

Gray Justice

by Ron Mumford

Dirty Harry teams with The Godfather to bend the law around Scarface.

The impossible goal of Judd Rayburn, El Paso assistant district attorney, and his best friend, Zuni Indian special F.B.I. agent Joe Feather, is to win the war against the Colombian/Mexican drug cartels who supply the drugs crossing the Mexico border with the US.

After a huge, well planned drug bust at the Mexico border with members of the El Paso Police, DEA, ATF and Texas Rangers goes horrifically wrong, Judd and Joe begin to take the law into their own hands.

Enter Rikki Rhine, Navy fighter pilot and first female Top Gun winner, who just happens to be the former college flame of Judd Rayburn. She’s smart, pretty and daring. Together Rikki and Judd form their own jury. Through unforeseen circumstance, they meet the head of all twenty-three families of the U.S. based La Cosa Nostra, and actually find some common ground. It’s all about the money. Billions of dollars are involved in this high-stakes game of power, greed, deception and seemingly unfair justice. Whatever it takes to win.

Secret and forbidden romances abound in this international thriller. The cartel’s actions are beyond grievous, they’re heinous. The court room drama and unique solution to the problem of drugs in America will astound you. Can a form of Gray Justice legitimize organized crime in America and end the drug problem? And, as a side issue, clean up “The Swamp” in Washington, D.C.?

Wayne’s Angel

by Ron Mumford

All the ladies love Wayne Tyler and he loves all the ladies. Able to impersonate just about any rock or country singer in the business to a tee, he is a talented musician and singer. When he auditions at Tequilaville, a new lakeside club near N.A.S.A. in Houston, Texas, he meets the lady co-owner, Abby Hawkins, a grounded business woman who is instantly smitten.

At their first encounter with Wayne, Abby tells her father, “Daddy Hank, it’s time to undo the laces” and takes the womanizer home with her, much to her Dad’s disapproval. After being falsely accused of sleeping with Abby’s free-spirited sister, Bella, Wayne gets drunk, hot-wires a boat and heads into Galveston Bay late at night to attempt suicide.

That’s when the supernatural explodes! Wayne is water spouted into another realm and is given three choices by his guardian angel, Gordon, a.k.a. Mr. Elroy, an old black blues singer. Wayne chooses to face his demons. Some are cunning, some are funny and often charming. Some are vicious with one aim in mind—to claim Wayne’s soul. If Wayne is victorious, his prize will be to learn what true love is. There are no guarantees in this unusual, beyond supernatural realm. Wayne may never return…but if he does, the rewards are great.

Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s way

by Ron Mumford

Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way requires all of us to make some life-changing decisions and decide who we trust with Love. Finding the Gold Medal of Relationships causes us to do some soul-searching, turning from our old lives and trusting Him to lead us to that perfect mate for us. We have to get out of our comfort zones and meet Him in the desert where He tells us that He will turn our Valley of Troubles into a Door of Hope. He will speak softly to us there and restore all that has been taken away. The Hebrew word for desert is “dahbaar” which means “to speak.”

There are many gut-wrenching true-life stories of relationships that didn’t work out and why. There are beautiful true stories of relationships that were truly blessed.

This is a book, a work book and a daily devotional with a road map to take you to your Soul Mate, Your Soul Mate Vision Chart. The book contains lots of humor, and is directed at anyone of any faith who truly wants to find their Soul Mate. If you do the work and follow His directions, according to His Word, you will know your Soul Mate!